North West In-Patient Falls Audit

Source: Greater Manchester Public Health Practice Unit

Follow this link for the full text

Date of publication: September 2010

Publication type: Report

In a nutshell: This report presents the findings of the in-patient audit into falls management and prevention which was carried out across 14 acute trusts in the North West in 2009. Case notes relating to 998 patients formed the basis of the audit, and data collated concerning the frequency and type of falls assessments undertaken. The results of the case note review and service evaluation (carried out across 13 organisations including a community hospital and a treatment centre) revealed some improvements in falls services, compared to previous years such as the development of falls training programmes and designated falls leads. However,  in some hospitals basic checks are still found to be lacking and there is a need for falls risk assessments to be adapted at a local level and in line with the latest guidelines.

Length of publication: Executive Summary (14 pages), Service Evaluation (99 pages), Case Note Review (128 pages)

Aknowledgement: Clinical Effectivness Unit Blog, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

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