The ‘Ossébo’ intervention for the prevention of womens’ injurious falls

Source: Global Health Promotion, 2013, 20 (2) Supplement p. 88-93

Follow this link for abstract

Date of publication: June 2013

Publication type: Journal article

In a nutshell:Falls and related injuries can be reduced by exercise, amongst other things, but the effect of exercise on serious falls injuries is unclear. This randomised controlled trial, ‘Ossébo’, aims to assess the effect of a community-based group exercise programme on the prevention of falls in women aged 75-85. The study will help to determine the effectiveness of a large scale fall prevention programme and the factors that may contribute to its success.

Length of publication: 5 pages

Some important notes: Please contact your local NHS Library for the full text of the article. Follow this link to find your local NHS Library.


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