Factors associated with fear of falling in community-dwelling older adults

Source: Age and Ageing, 2014, vol 43 no 1 p. 76-84

Follow this link for abstract

Date of publication: January 2014

Publication type: Journal article

In a nutshell: Fear of falling (FOF) is common in older adults and consequences can be serious, both physically and psychosocially. There are a number of factors associated with the phenomenon, which include rising from a knee-height chair, lower household income, using a walking stick or other aid, poor physical health, using public transport, balance problems and lower educational level, amongst other factors. Knowing these can be used in primary care to identify those with FOF, which in turn can benefit fall prevention interventions.

Length of publication: 8 pages

Some important notes: Please contact your local NHS Library for the full text of the article.  Follow this link to find your local NHS Library.

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