Evaluation of organisational change to reduce fall and other injuries

Source: Applied Ergonomics, 2018, Volume 68 p. 42-53

Follow this link for the abstract

Date of publication: April 2018

Publication type: Journal article

In a nutshell: Long term care workers are at significant risk for occupation-related injuries. This study sought to evaluate the implementation process of a participatory change programme to reduce risk. Process evaluation revealed idiosyncratic approaches to recruitment and related challenges of reaching staff. Solutions to prioritized hazards were developed and implemented, despite time challenges. The iterative solution development approach was embraced. Program fidelity was considered good despite early program time demands. Post implementation reports revealed sustained hazard identification and solution development.

Length of publication: 11 pages

Some important notes: Please contact your local NHS Library for the full text of the article. Follow this link to find your local NHS Library.

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