Falls Prevention Horizon Scanning Bulletin Volume 1 Issue 12


The Fallsafe project – using a care bundle to reduce falls in hospital


Source:  British Geriatrics Society

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Date of publication: July 2011

Publication type: News feature

In a nutshell:  this project takes evidence gleaned from randomised controlled trials and brings it all together in a care bundle approach.

Length of publication: 4 documents

Inpatient fall prevention initiative


Source:  Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety,
               37(7), p.317-2AP(-314)

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Date of publication: July 2011

Publication type: Research article

In a nutshell:  Results of a four-year study to reduce inpatient falls at a New York tertiary care hospital, following the implementation of a Falls Reduction Initiative.

Nottingham Hospital success in reducing falls


Source: Health Canal.com

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Date of publication: June 2011

Publication type: News item

In a nutshell:
The toolkit introduced to all adult wards at the Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital, includes a booklet giving advice and information on the common ways people fall and how these can be avoided plus facts on why people fall in hospital and the affect it can have on patients.   The toolkit helps doctors to understand the important principles of prescribing for older people and gives guidance on the types of medications which can increase the risk of falls.  Since it was introduced in November 2010, there has been a 10 per cent reduction in falls associated with significant injury.

Length of publication: 1 page

Raising awareness of newborn falls in-hospital


Source: Practising Midwife   2011, 14(4)  p.29-32 

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Date of publication: April 2011

Publication type: Journal articles

In a nutshell:  Management of neonates’ falls in hospital, illustrated by a case report of a 2 day old infant who received a head injury. Risk factors for newborn falls are described, aswell as a call for an urgent assessment to be undertaken by both the midwifery and paediatric teams following the reporting of such accidents.Strategies to prevent falls are described. Importantly it is felt that there is a need to raise awareness of the potential of these accidents amongst health professionals.

Length of publication: 4 pages

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