The NICE impact on falls and fragility fractures


Source: National Health Executive 

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Date of publication: 10 August 2018

 Publication type: Article

In a nutshell: A summary and explanation of the NICE impact on falls and fragility fractures.

 Length of publication: One page

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CSP invites members’ comments on NICE falls and community engagement consultations


Source: Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

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Date of publication: 29th July 2016

 Publication type: News article

In a nutshell: Physiotherapists should be asking older people about falls whenever they have routine reviews or health checks, as well as if they are admitted to hospital.

 Length of publication: One page

Walk the talk on inpatient falls prevention, hospitals told


Source: Onmedica

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Date of publication: 14th October 2015

Publication type: News article

In a nutshell: The National Audit for Inpatient Falls (NAIF) looked for the first time at how well hospital trusts and local health boards prevent inpatient falls in England and Wales, and follow NICE guidance on falls assessment and prevention.

Length of publication: One page



NICE consultation on social care includes recommendation on falls


Source: ProFaNE website

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Date of publication: February 2014

Publication type: Website news article

In a nutshell: New NICE quality standards and guidance to improve social care have been published, which contain recommendations on falls in older people and how they can regain independence afterwards.

Length of publication: 1 page