Designing a smart watch interface for a notification and communication system for nursing homes


Source: Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Design for Aging

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Date of publication: June 2016

 Publication type: Book chapter

In a nutshell: Among the unique challenges faced by nursing homes is poor communication and notification. An analysis of the work system showed that a mobile device-based system that rely less on auditory display is promising. We proposed a smartwatch interface as part of communication and notification system for nursing homes. A user-centered design approach was adopted in the design and evaluation of the interface. The application integrates call light system, chair and bed alarms, wander guard, and calling for help functions and uses multi-modal interfaces to provide informative alarms for nursing home staff. Through a process of iterative testing and refinement with prospective users (through cognitive walkthrough, heuristic evaluation and usability testing of low-fidelity prototypes), a final design was well received by nursing experts in geriatric care and at local nursing homes. The effects of the system will be tested in the future using a high-fidelity prototype through simulation experiment.

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